Prices and Payment

Prices and Payment

Whilst lesson costs can look expensive at first, consider that in a typical 30min lesson at a local pool a participant in a group of 4 often only gets around 6-8min of individual attention from the teacher. Generally these lessons cost $20. You could have 20min of individual attention so one on one (if you shared a 40min lesson) for from $26 with us.

You buy the time you need and then structure the lessons to suit the participants. So if you have booked a 40min lesson then a 4 year old non swimmer could have 20min and a 6 year old sibling or friend who needs stroke work could have the next 20min.

Prices depend on how long you would like the lessons to go for and how many you would like (see table below). 40 minutes is the minimum time and please enquire for any lessons longer than 80 minutes.

The cost of lessons that are 40 or 50min are also dependant on number of participants. Lessons 60min and over are a flat fee.

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