Swimming Safety

Pool rules

Set your own pool rules at home just as there are at public pools. Get your kids to create a sign!

  • Full supervision at all times.
  • Make sure your pool meets council regulations in terms of fencing and gate.
  • Don’t prop the gate open. Make it habit that it is shut.
  • After you have finished swimming, clear the area of pool toys to remove the temptation for children to return to the pool unsupervised. Most drowning deaths among young children happen at times when parents are nearby, but a child visits the pool alone.
  • Be aware that respiratory and eye irritation can occur from the improper storing, mixing or using of pool chemicals.
  • Store pool chemicals separately, in a dry place away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • Never mix chemicals. Particularly with chlorine-based products, any mixture with an acid can release deadly chlorine gas.

Know your CPR

Nothing can beat a first aid course but at the least download a free CPR chart and have it displayed near the pool.


Online games

Play some online water safety games and resources to re-inforce safety messages.