Why It Works

Quality teaching with added Convenience

  • People, especially children, feel the most comfortable in familiar surroundings such as their home pool. This familiarity will encourage a more confident and relaxed approach.
  • Lessons are based on the participant’s needs and not a set program, stage or level.
  • Individual attention and correction is given. Participants are not 1 of 10 in a class situation.
  • Participants are less easily distracted and remain focused.
  • Convenience for busy families. Save the time and effort it takes to go to the local pool and wait for children to have their lessons. Or a sleeping baby may be inside while an older sibling is taking lessons.
  • Because Star Skills Swimming lessons are mobile, the day and time is up to you! You are not locked into a set day of the week or time and have the flexibility to change up to 4 hours before a scheduled lesson.

See our testimonials to read how parents already believe in Star Skills Swimming.